All conventional bicycle seats may have serious (fatal) defects for human health!
What is the most important point for making and designing a bicycle seat?

We have discovered key structural flaws in existing saddles. In the process of planning and developing a product based on the concept of a pain-free saddle, Saddles to date have been pressed up against the crotch area during use, structurally designed to place pressure on the crotch area (blood vessels and nerves are concentrated in the groin) which is inherently not an area that is meant to support body weight.

A seat that is too hard causes pain on the ischial bone (sitting bones) while an overly soft seat creates pain in the crotch area. The harder the seat, the more weight is applied to the sitting bones along, which causes severe pain in them, although the pressure on the crotch is alleviated.

Conversely, when the seat is softened, the pain in the sit bones is alleviated. However, the lowering of the buttocks causes the front nose section of the saddle to exerts more pressure on the groin region which gives even worse pain possibly causing prostatodynia, nerve pain, and impeded blood flow. .

What would the optimum design be for a saddle that alleviated pain in both the sit bones and crotch area? It seems likely that the problem could be rectified if we were to remove the nose of the saddle, yet this is essential for high speed turns.

AEROELASTIC Company came up with a solution to this problem a three- year development period, succeeding in developing a product known as the "EYES Saddle." Although the seat is soft, it gives absolutely no pressure to the crotch area.