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Joint company Aeroelastic (called "us" as follows) or the agent runs this website.
I have you read the following Terms of Use before this site is used, and, please use it only when it is agreed to these conditions.
We may change the Terms of Use of this site. Please confirm the latest contents on this occasion because you decide to place the revised edition of this document.
[Copyright / Trademark]
The rightful claimant (called "a copyright holder" collectively as follows) of us or original work author and others holds the copyright or other rights of (called "contents" as follows) such as a document, a picture, sound, the software which this site provides.
The act (called "the use" as follows) such as reprinting contents in a reproduction, the public transmission, distribution, a modification, excision, the website of the visitor without the prior consent of the copyright holder is prohibited in Copyright Act unless it is recognized in other Copyright Act when I make printing or preservation for the purpose of the personal use. I hope that I have you get our consent beforehand.
But cases to judge that we are inappropriate may decline consent such as the use when a portrait or a book, the trademark of the third party are included. When you use contents with our consent, please perform our designated copyright indication. Without our prior approval, I change copyright indication and cannot delete it.

We are not things consenting to any right based on the intellectual property of copyright, patent right, trademark and others about contents for a visitor unless in the case of the above and Copyright Act determine it.

[Prohibited matter]
On the occasion of the use of this site, you shall not have to do the next act.

1. An act to infringe a third party or our property or privacy or the act that I might infringe.
2. In third party or us, it is a disadvantage or an act to damage it or an act with the fear.
3. Act an act against public order and morals or the threat
4. An act to be tied to a criminal act or a criminal act or an act with the fear.
5 .An act to register an e-mail address of another person, and to perform a false report, a report.
6. The act for the purpose of a business activity or an act for the purpose of the profit or the preparations.
7. An act to damage a third party or our honor or trust.
8. It is use or an act to offer or an act with the fear by the harmful programs such as computer viruses.
9. In addition, an act to violate a law, laws and ordinances or the regulations or an act with the fear.
10. In addition, an act to judge that we are inappropriate.

[About the link to the third party's website]
The link to other websites on this site is established for the convenience of all of you. I will leave this site when you use these links. We take a look at all of the site other than these and, not a thing managing the site concerned and the contents, are not a thing taking responsibility about these. Therefore, we are not the things which perform any expression not a thing recommending a result to be provided by these sites, information in the site concerned, software or other products and contents or them. When it is accessed other sites linked to from this site, I shall perform this by the responsibility of own entirely.

[When linking to aeroelastic website]
Those who wish to link to the page published by us are contace form please inform(However, it is unnecessary if it can be determined that there is a legitimate purpose such as coverage).
When reliability of the information that we show judges disadvantageous, I may decline a link. In addition, there is a case to cancel the consent of the link when we judge the consent of the link not to be proper by the circumstances that became clear after link consent even if they consent to a link once. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

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※Please display company name using either "aeroelastic" or "eyes".
※When linking from within the site using the frame, please be sure to describe the TARGET option.

We do not guarantee anything about the contents of the document etc on this server. In the unlikely event that there is an error in the contents of the document etc on this server, we are not responsible at all. In addition, documents on this server, etc. may be subject to change without notice, so please be aware in advance.
In response to any damage, loss, disadvantage or the like caused by the customer registering the user, caused by using the targeted service or failing to use the targeted service, our company Shall have no liability whatsoever.
We will not be responsible at all if customer data is lost or lost due to malfunction and trouble of the equipment providing the target service and trouble of the communication line etc.
Please be forewarned that e-mail from customers may not arrive at our company or may be delayed due to system failure etc. We will not bear any responsibility for such non-delivery / delay and obstacles related thereto.
We shall be free to reproduce, disclose, distribute or otherwise use the bulletin boards and other communication contents provided on our website and all data, images, texts and other information contained therein, freely, I will.

[Governing law and competent court]
This Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
In the event that any doubts about matters not specified in this Terms of Use or conditions of use of this Agreement arise, we will negotiate with you in good faith between you and us.
If the resolution does not reach the consultation and the necessity of litigation arises, Tokyo District Court will be the jurisdictional court of the agreement.

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